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Dirty Monkey

Day number four completed as promised. And the moral of today does not reflect on such material observations as before, and more so about social aspects.

Unbenounced to you readers this will be the third straight day of beach volleyball in what has become a bit of a group vendetta. With new people coming and good friends going day in and day out it is even harder to maintain or even deem it necessary to build relationships while you are abroad. The concept that you will probably never see these people again is a great deterrent to meeting and learning who new people are. But the effort you put in, and even for a short time can be worth every second after learning of their personal experiences and opinions. In short, the saying “It is a small world” is something to view as an advantage, in that these people you will “never see again” may come right out of your own backyard, in which case you may see them every day. If not, why not once a year, and reunite with those who made your trip abroad more enjoyable. Keeping the good times rolling.

So as for the volleyball crew, we have a solid ten players including three girls and seven guys, all competitive, all light hearted, and all willing to get teammates, victors, and sometimes even losers a cold cervasa. Today was all about sharing ourselves, and after four hours of play in the hot sun, two hours in the shade trading life stories and enjoying each others cold drink inventions we all discovered much in common. I’d like to say we are accepting of everyone who crossed our path today, but some people do not fit in the group dynamic that has set standards and values. There is nothing wrong with those people, they simply belong with other groups and should know enough about themselves to realize this. On the upside of that though, when you find those people who do fit, the progression from acquaintances to friends is a fast transition.

The other conclusion I came back to today is one I have adopted for several years of home life. That is one day opportunities that present themselves may not always be accessible and so it is important to seize them when and if you can. The year I spent working the docks in Sooke for example came back and put me up on my game today, where as I have not been on a paddleboard in some time, I also realize some people have never been on one period. Naturally I enjoy helping others and in this case, instructing in one thing or another has become a daily engagement for me in career and everyday life. The lessons I learned and the ones that I taught came back naturally so that my friends achieved the most out of the time we had to paddle today, and as yet received a better experience then one they could have obtained alone. I must admit my mistakes though, In that 1: I had no open water paddling experience and so had to alter my own methods and the methods I was teaching, and 2: Teaching while drunk is non advisable, especially during activities that require a fine amount of balance and co-ordination. But that is life. We live and we learn.

A short day, in all, yet a busy and active one, requiring a gratuitous amount of rest, and with that note I will add one last snippet of wisdom.

Your trips abroad are not always vacations, the difference between the two is miniscule, the vacations are comprised of rest in places where you seek adventure, and travelling is adventures in places where you could someday rest. The importance with both is a merging, to find the time to make sure the right amount of adventure receives some time to rest, therefore tomorrows outing will require a day of rest, to recover from my busy Adventurcation.




Melon Bowl

Olla once again from Mexico. As the trip continues the more I learn, and today was no exception. First I have to lay down some ground rules for Mexico which I am now privy too. Although I’ve been here two days not knowing them or learning them quickly can be your downfall both here in country and of course back home. So without further distraction… Oh wait I found something shiny.. Ehem, further distraction, I’ll move right into day number Melon Bowl.

The first rule of vacationing abroad, especially a country where the sun hardly ever sets, and burns like the fires of Hades all day is simple. The sunscreen you’ve brought, sorry to inform you, but it is not enough. Should you be fortunate enough to have genetically inherited a darker skin tone like my cousins, then congratulations. Life has given you a worldly passport to the hot and humid lands. However for those northerners like myself who hail from Arian ancestry, our pale white skin cannot handle anything, no matter what is covering it. (Except snow, which rarely occurs this near the equator, but could you imagine, we’d be set) Regardless, it’s truly irrelevant how white we are anyway, because within a day the white gives way to red and the red introduces PAIN! The Moral of this story doesn’t exist sadly, unless you see the need to view it as "be darker" or for the desperate people, "fake bake" and hope to hell it deflects some natural UV for the chemically light generated type. I trade off nonetheless

Second rule is less of a rule and more a general worldly observation. It began with a statement several years prior to this trip while I was still in Canada, that was exactly, and I quote exactly, "This is the best Mexican food in the world". First off, for those who know where I am going with this, I was young, dumb, and was convinced the world was flat… (no, that’s not right), convinced the world consisted of the red and white maple leaf land. I was wrong. The best Mexican food in the world, is in Mexico, doesn’t take a genius to put that together, it takes a pilot and 4.5 hours of travel time from most of our fair country. And so I have adopted this rule, as only seems right to influence my future and correct any misgivings I may have in similar situations. Plainly put, the best food of a certain cultural background, comes from the country itself. Eat Chinese (Real Chinese) in China, Thai in Thailand, Whatever they have In Australia. As for Canada with our lack of cultural diversity. Well we lay claim to the indistinguishable mess that is Poutine. So There.

I’d also like to mention that getting in shape becomes a priority while you are away. Whether it be the fact your shirt is off the entire time, or that everyone else looks hella more attractive in this light, its and inspired thing. It got me out of bed this morning early to hit the gym for and hour (first time in months) followed by a thirty minute run on the beach. Perhaps when you book, the travel agency should give you a goal to meet before the vacation, so you are prepared and looking fine when you get there, but either way, all the free time allotted to me allowed for a solid two and a half hours of beach volleyball, and a swim to the boundary buoys this afternoon. And that leads me full circle to the first point, sunscreen was not enough.

So tonight I sit by the clay ovens, dealing with a peckishness issue after an enormous (REAL) Mexican dinner. I’ll never look at a fajita or taco again the same way. And sadly, I think I’ll harbour a slight disappointment every time I bite into one now. But that is the life of a traveller I suppose. You experience the best pieces of a foreign culture, and then the imitations that used to satisfy what you believed was desire no longer satisfy what you now truly know as something special.

However, I suppose that in itself is a blessing, for it encourages you to return and re-experience that lost excellence you so crave. And thus, the travel bug can be captured by something as simple as a rumbling stomach.


The Return


I have been aware that it has been quite some time since I have done any blog updates, and I feel extremely regretful that this has been the case.

Recently I returned from a vacation to Mexico and spent every evening there compiling my thoughts on the trip it self, so without further adu, I will be posting one of the entries each week to cover all seven days abroad. Hopefully afterwards I can resume semi-regular posts on updates throughout my life in Victoria, and beyond.

I find things most peaceful now, but have missed reading and writing enough these past months and decided to dust off the keyboard and put some time in doing what I enjoy.