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Hello folks, glad that I am back here on cyberspace. I know it has been a long time and trust me I wouldn’t have failed so miserably at constant updates if it hadn’t been for a good reason. Suffice to say I spent an incredible semester at the University of Victoria, and made more then enough friends for one guy to comfortably have, I might add that most are female much to the constant dismay and harassment of my girlfriend, but that is how the cookie crumbles. I feel like this year as part of my resolution to live my life as I would to be happy with my decisions that I will start telling things more like they really are in reality, perhaps dive a little deeper into emotion and voice solutions out loud to sounds off my thoughts to myself. At times I’m sure it will sound a little preachy, but then again, it is a blog, I am supposed to narrate me…. hard enough as it is..


Anyway I figured I would drop a short line here on new years eve to restart what I hope to be a regular thing, maybe not so cut and dried of a schedule but more when I need to voice thoughts and ideas, and share the crazy happenstances of this small Island community. Happy New Year to all those who read, good luck with your resolutions, and check back soon for new material. I hope not to disappoint. I may find time to summarize some major events of the school year later but for now I think short and sweet is the best way to go.



Remember to always get your daily rush, keep the heart going and the blood flowing…


I know I said (to myself in passing) that I was going to update my blog roughly once a week, and I picked Sunday, as it lines up nicely as a weekend conclusion as well as a weekly one. But this story just came across my coffee table and I simply have to add my own two thoughts to it. The focus of this thought, happens to be pairs. Not shoes, socks, or pants, “which by the way do not fit properly within the definition of pair because on the average day one simply wears a pant, not pants” but of couples of the human nature be they gay straight, or somewhere in between. Lets face a plain sad truth, communication between  people is a dying art. Very few people can have an interesting conversation in which they form fully developed sentences or dust off the brain storage file ‘nicknamed’ Thesaurus (which by the way is not a dinosaur) without one person unconsciously pulling out their phone and checking to see if something, or even if anything is happening in their digital life to distract them from the ever taxing challenge of making words with their mouths instead of thumbs.

To be fair, this disadvantage, and even one could say disease is not any one persons fault. This day and age we are conditioned to look at screens, the next huge development, the next big thing developed by large industry has us searching for more. And since  a great portion of our lives is directed through these screens, our jobs, our money, and especially our “social network” has evolved from the days of a little black book with phone numbers, into a world wide interconnected society based around our needs with each one of us the axis of his or her own universe. But enough of why we do these things, and more onto the solution of how we can mediate ourselves back to simple connection with individuals we see in person everyday, and to start, why not make it our spouses, best friends, girl/boyfriends, classmates, and just for the hell of it bus drivers (because they are just waiting for you to include them in your world).

I said I received something today that sparked this verbal conquest, and I will get to that in a moment but first I want to share my own personal side to this story. My girlfriend and I are hooked into technology. I like to takethings apart, understand the process, and am actually quite content with the older and well tested study tech like the Motorola Razor and Windows XP, while she is more, likes to be on the cutting edge smartphone, wifi access should be everywhere side of things, always searching for that next edge she can gain…. and both of us love to game. For different reasons of course, but after a long day, the reason doesn’t matter, we both just love to blow off steam and gather around our Xbox.

When I met her she told me of her gaming history, a little WoW here, some Starcraft there, but nothing the two of us could really communicate through. So I decided to make a space where we could both relax, stretch our trigger fingers and talk. The game I used, Halo: Reach. The mode, firefight, customized settings so she could learn the ropes. Because for someone who hasn’t played a shooter, and thinks the term duel analog is some kind of clock, the learning curve is steep. However, she progressed, slowly at first, wanting to know the names of the enemies, and why we had to kill them, and right away I was saying to myself, oh you poor dumb fool, what have you done to yourself. My girlfriend in 20 minutes had started to ruin one of my favourite games. Then, and I swear it was a miracle born from some sort of god a huge Brute Chieftain ran towards here as she sprayed and prayed to no avail as it smashed her head into a wall with a gravity hammer. This is where I need to insert the article that I received today:

Thankfully, my girlfriend falls into the small caveat at the bottom of this article. Now as I was saying, she died. Subsequently after that followed a dialog that a drunk sailor fighting a sea monster could not have recreated try as hard as he might, and she was hooked into mastering this game no matter what she had to do, and so several weeks later and almost a 100 hours in she was still playing, higher difficulty, custom controller settings, and wanting to build her own loadouts. She had made the change-over girls seldom make from browser based, to hard core gaming. Still to this day we sit down maybe 4-5 times a week and play firefight among other modes, and games and we talk together as a couple. We share our entire days, our issues and passions, all while shoving our boots into the faces of the horde. That was our first step towards better communication.

As another example towards better communication I am going to use a pair of my friends who shall remain nameless, probably until they are aware I’m blogging about them, regardless. Several weeks ago was their six year anniversary together. To put that in perspective my older brother has known his wife only 6 years, two of which they have been married. These two started dating in high school, and although they have had their ups and downs, they have been a rock as far as being together. I’m proud to say that every example I’ve used in the past two years of relationships “going the distance”, and “finding your soul mate” has in part some reference towards their partnership. Like I said, 6 years several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be a part of that anniversary, and as their friend they asked me if I could get them two paddleboards for that afternoon. Working at WCO that wasn’t a major problem and so they showed up together just after 4:30 in the spitting rain, ever ready to go try something new together. Well two hours passed and they came back soak (exempting wetsuits) but they had found something they both enjoyed acutely. Best of all they fell in love with it together, and came back with the words “So? Paddleboard investment as appose to a holiday”. I know for a fact that out on that flat water together surrounded by nothing they were communicating. Telling each other the important things, however that is their time and I was not privy to a script of the dialogue. Still this is my standing point. Whether that was the first thing they found together that allowed them to connect on another level or the thirtieth thing, those two have no problem with the art of communication, and that is why their relationship is so successful.

Communication is something we are all capable of, we simply need to put down the phones, disconnect from the net, and be with people in person. Our base human nature to connect with others is being altered by technology to an impersonal form that I find both rude and unacceptable. When you meet someone, Shake their hand for crying out loud, don’t ask for their email. When someone posts how they made a decision they are proud of but wish for a hug, don’t like the status, go find them and give them a huge bear hug. Let people know your real, not a short piece of code that does nothing but laugh out loud. Be a real person, we have the ability to revert this change we are all confronting. Do continue with your facebook, your text messages, and email, because they are important in their own way, but should be used to solidify already blossoming relationships, not as a casual “well you might be someone I’ll talk to”. Mediation is the key, let someone get to know the real you first, and make sure you get to know them.

Thanks for the time and make sure you get out there ad get your daily rush. Keep the blood flowing and the heart going.