Hello folks, glad that I am back here on cyberspace. I know it has been a long time and trust me I wouldn’t have failed so miserably at constant updates if it hadn’t been for a good reason. Suffice to say I spent an incredible semester at the University of Victoria, and made more then enough friends for one guy to comfortably have, I might add that most are female much to the constant dismay and harassment of my girlfriend, but that is how the cookie crumbles. I feel like this year as part of my resolution to live my life as I would to be happy with my decisions that I will start telling things more like they really are in reality, perhaps dive a little deeper into emotion and voice solutions out loud to sounds off my thoughts to myself. At times I’m sure it will sound a little preachy, but then again, it is a blog, I am supposed to narrate me…. hard enough as it is..


Anyway I figured I would drop a short line here on new years eve to restart what I hope to be a regular thing, maybe not so cut and dried of a schedule but more when I need to voice thoughts and ideas, and share the crazy happenstances of this small Island community. Happy New Year to all those who read, good luck with your resolutions, and check back soon for new material. I hope not to disappoint. I may find time to summarize some major events of the school year later but for now I think short and sweet is the best way to go.



Remember to always get your daily rush, keep the heart going and the blood flowing…