As I promised, a continuation of my post from last night, now however, comes the “extra curricular” activities that occurred on the fifteenth week of epic awesomeness. Now quickly I must add I have yet to eat any dinner tonight, and did participate in a full soccer practice just hours ago. So although I have late courses to attend tomorrow I am quite tired and low energy, so bear with me if this post does not surface to Tuesday morning. However it is currently ten thirty giving me an hour and a half to pull this off and given the rhythm I currently have going and the fact that these topic may be easier to cover due to the exciting nature of the content I will do my best to finish on time.

Lets start with something that needs one last update until I can put the huge case closed sign on the file and ship this damn thing away. I had my final visit with my Chiropractor last Tuesday and after a short conversation and the usual beating, breaking and bashing, (more consonance might I add) of my back we still had yet to crack the darn thing. According to him that is a very good thing, and although I usually feel really good once its cracked, I have to be honest, It felt amazing without it as well. The fact that all pain has receded is a great relief to me, especially with the winter soccer season looming. My Chiropractor Mike thinks it strange for me to have had the paralysis episode a few weeks ago, but he also assured me that under the circumstances with the time my back was injured, and the initial condition of the injury may have caused a major muscle group to bunch and thus the source of that incredible pain was probably the unbinding of those fibres finally. More good news was yet to come as well, as he was very confident on the recovery of my back despite the extra time it took. He believes the extra time and the precautions I have been taking have really let it heal properly and says I may not lose as much or any strength in my back from this point. It is a good feeling not being broken anymore, and I’m really happy to be able to sit, stand, and sleep, (HAHAHA) again.

Now I plan to continue my portion from yesterday about the people I have met while at school but not the ones whom I had a past knowledge of. The first two I met with Sydney in our Bio class. Between the two of us we have two people sitting. One guy, one girl, and they are Adam and Sarah. New to each other as well they are both very friendly and seem quite intelligent in the same field I find myself, shall I say competing in. However I think that it is possible these will be the people I find myself studying with as they are very relaxed and indeed even more in my field then I anticipated. In fact, Adam hasn’t chosen between Microbiology or Marine Biology yet, but when I mentioned my goals and we started talking about the field, it was clear he knew what he was talking about. Another of our new acquaintances is Dave. He is a forth year Marine Biology major, (yea that’s right another one. I seem to attract them like gravity) But he is also a player on the Uvic Soccer team. In fact, ironically we met him half an hour after watching him play the first game of the year. He was a really excitable guy, and in fact although we were on our way home, he convinced us to come out with him and his friends. That is where Charmaine and I then met Jessica and Cassidy. Another Girl Guy combo there. We spent the evening socializing and getting to know a new group of friends at the Fox. A very classy little spot in Victoria (and I am actually dead serious when I say that). But we will get back to that later. Finally I met another fourth year girl who actually lives right up the road from Charmaine and I. Although we had a short conversation from the bus stop I am willing to bet money I’ll see her again, because in reality, Victoria is a small town in feeling, and Uvic is a massive concentration of the youth of Victoria. Anyways I’m rambling, but her name was Cookie (and this is where I did a double take and tripped into a ditch). I have to admit it was unexpected and she told me not to worry because it wasn’t the first time she’d had that reaction. Typical Psych majors, always asserting their principles and mental dominance over others. (Jason if you are reading this one you know I’m talking about you).

I believe I already mentioned a soccer practice up above. But this one I’m talking about was last week. Thanks to the beautifully rebuilt back I am now sporting I managed to not only hold my own, but impress the coach of our local Soccer Club. I’ve finally reached U-21 and this is going to be a fast and hectic league depending on what happens. The good news, I wont be alone. I encouraged my Best Buddy Josh to come and try out with me, and we still haven’t lost the old touches. I guess playing together for three years does leave an impression of intentions and a good mindset for how each other plays. Anyways, all I can tell you at this point is the first trial game is coming up on Wednesday night and then the team will have final selections. Here’s hoping we kick ass, because literally that’s what out Coach (Chris is his name by the way) wants from us. And although tonight’s practice had a fair amount of gayness to it, as he mentioned. It was overpowered by an excellent display of co-ordinated and well executed football. Boo Yah!

As always there is some Thaddeus news off campus this week. For the first two days of term Charmaine and I toted him everywhere, and as usual we received the WTF response from almost everyone. That being said the promotional game is not always an easy one and although the major consensus was a good overall response, we did not get as many people actually visiting his page ( as we would have liked. However we did have several people who were totally stoked on the idea completely and have shown there support. And as a bonus the first bit of Swag has been put on order and since it has already been produced we are just waiting on the money on this end. The Drinking Shark is growing, slowly but surly, we simply have to persevere.

Oh finally we are growing closer to the end of this massively fun filled week. Saturday rolled around, and for those people in Victoria the first Saturday of September Semester means one thing, CTF. (For those who are unaware CTF stands for Capture the Flag and is played by two apposing teams who try to steal flags from the opposing territory without getting caught) However this was no simple game of CTF, this one, was a world record breaker. Previously the world record for the largest game of Capture the Flag was two hundred and fifty participants. Now that may not seem like a lot but when you actually see two-hundred and fifty people occupying a field and running everywhere you get a better idea of what you are in for. However as I said the “previous” record was two-hundred and fifty. Being Victorians we do not half ass anything here, and so we more then doubled the ante. over seven-hundred and fifty people participated on the Uvic grounds. Yea, now think about that size of wide game. The final score was 28 – 27 for Blue, (not our team) after two hours of play, and this truly was due to some questionable plays made by a non-yellow team, but as well some devious thinking on their part.

If you happened to be watching my Facebook this weekend, you would also have noted another addition to our household on Saturday. As well as two SWAG yellow CTF Tees, I took a quick jaunt up to Langford to a really cool, brand new, locally run skate shop called Regular Underground. I did my waiting, took my lessons, and paid my dues in the last two years and finally I have my own Longboard. As a quick, efficient, and completely free way to travel and cannot imagine not using it now, and it has completely extended my exploration range of my area, along with providing excellent health benefits, it is the ultimate way to travel in Victoria. Combined with the bus system, the need for driving is completely irradiated. The only sad part is Charmaine has to be a little more patient while we a=wait for her board to arrive from California, but soon we shall be shredding together. My board is a 2012 Rayne Demonseed, it is uni-directional and rolls on drop through Paris trucks, with Monster Zombie slide wheels (butter smooth). Trust me, I have already put them to good use. On top of all that I find it to be a most relaxing past time, and along with enjoying it a great deal, the practice time I have put into it is great cardio and core strength training. Cannot wait to get rolling again. However I still need a fair amount of rubbing Alcohol. Gravel in shins hurts a tad.

As I promised, every detail of my journey here in Victoria as a fully fledged man, I recall mentioning an outing with some of the Uvic soccer team to a place called the Fox. Well candy coating the details would only sweeten the amount of sin contained within. For the Fox is a strip club. Finally set foot in one, after much prompting over the last year from a certain buddy of mine, I ended up going without him. But I want to stress something, ok, two things. One I am a student first and foremost, therefore I have no money to tip strippers, so I at least avoided that detail for now. Plus, I am waiting for the Canadian Government to bring back singles, to make the whole transaction easier. The second point I need to make is one I already made earlier. The fox is actually one of the nicest (clubs) of any kind I’ve been too. Not many places can hold a candle to the good atmosphere, well priced beverages, good music, and yes, The entertainment is top notch. Now not to dive too deeply into that subject (and I’m sure that statement produced a few raised eyebrows) but we only stayed for a rough two hours then made our way home. And yes I did thoroughly enjoy myself, in fact, I do intend on returning at some point, but that is just my journey, so whether you agree with it or not is up to you to decide, and perhaps, partake in true “Adult” entertainment. After all, it is a legal revenue source, so there has to be something to it.

Finally I am down to the last portion of this piece, and like I promised, a view of Felicitas from a non-academic perspective. Cheapest beer in town. Easy going atmosphere, great people inside, outside, and all around. You cannot ask for much more to de-stress with, if of course you are nineteen plus. In such close quarters as a university, it also makes a lot of sense that meeting new people there is a snap, and it is true. Simply because you already see these people daily, the closeness and laid back feeling of this excellent drinking establishment makes the whole experience easier and in fact epic fun, for you and your party, and then unexpectedly the other people you didn’t intend to meet but just appeared out of nowhere. Something I regret is that I cannot include Felicita’s in my De-Stress guide for first years, because most are still underage it is not something they can fully experience, but definitely when the opportunity comes up it is recommended you visit. It really is a gem in the middle of campus, and aside from the massive profit they must turn, the people running the show are already kind and very happy to help anyone who happens their way. Especially if their way is leading to good times.

Well I managed to pull the story off tonight. I’m exhausted, but at the same time it is a nice surprise to be able to get my thoughts out now while they are still crystal clear and fresh. The best writing is always done right after the inspiration that triggered it. Or at least that is my opinion. The reflective bit, is simply to get the story to make sense to everyone else. and with that I present my closing thoughts…

Thanks for the time and make sure you get out there and get your daily rush. Keep the blood flowing and the heart going.