Well I did not get to my laptop again on Sunday to update you guys on the remainder of last week so tonight I will get that done. However I think I will leave out the Monday to Wednesday details till this coming Sunday and hopefully complete it on the time frame I have set for myself. Trust me in the last few days things have gotten fairly busy especially this today so I have not just been slacking, and to be dead honest it is not out of the question to do an entire post on today itself because so much ended up happening that I could right a few pages just on the last twelve hours. But like I said, that will have to wait, and on the bright side, It gives me something to look forward to writing about on Sunday if nothing else happens (doubtful) and of course something interesting for you to look forward to reading come this Sunday. So from this point on let us pretend it is Sunday September second and I shall get on with the last few updates from the last post last Wednesday or something. God I have seriously confused myself already and I have not even started on the main paragraph, time to get started. The end of week Thirteen… Victoria!

Well it is officially September and that means the ever dreaded back to school. I must say that this is the first year in many that I am not super stoked for the summer to end. I spent so much time either working or injured that I missed a fair chunk of all the fun there was to have in my new city. And with all my new friends and places to see and things to do, that is saying a lot. However one major change that cannot be ignored this year and that does have me bouncing off walls is instead of returning to the OC (Okanagan College) I have moved up in the world to Uvic. I promised a lot of people I would make it here, and trust me I had some doubters, to them I say thanks to your “constructive criticism” (I believe that is the appropriate way to say that) I made some serious changes to my life, study habits, and work ethic over the last several years since the end of high school and I believe even more so since coming to Victoria and starting fresh on my own. This year is going to be my bet yet since graduation and nothing is going to slow me down. But like I said missing a lot the summer had to offer I have been trying to cram it all into the last few weeks and so my timing on registration and touring the campus was cutting it a little close, however it got done and on time and the best part is the last piece of prep for the school term was completed this week. This also officially proves that I made it to my first milestone goal and that my Uvic ID. Picture and all with all access Bus pass to the area of Victoria. Life is now sweet and a little bit cheaper, so I believe it is time for a celebratory emoticon. 🙂
2012-09-05 22.31.27

The second thing I have to add is another update on my back status. On Thursday I pulled a massive double header on my back starting with an adventurous “hike” up Mt Doug. Now I say hike because that entails travelling by foot from point A to point B, which happened to be the bottom of Doug to the Peak but if I were to really describe it I think climb would be more appropriate. For those of you who know both Charmaine and I well you probably know we have a desire to go rock climbing, full harness, carabineers, cams, chalk, etc.. but up until this point we have be delayed in finding a store that could properly supply us. However moving to Victoria changed all that. One of the many reasons I love this city is that you can find anything somewhere, and in terms of outdoor gear that place is MEC. However as a rather important side note, with my lack of income due to missing work, and Charmaine’s general lack of work coming from her boss, we cannot at this time afford everything right away, so our excursion up Mt Doug was done as a total free climb, also sometimes referred to as bouldering. The traverse entails three peaks ranging from small mid then the large one, each with a deep valley in between, however both the mid and large peaks have several faces of sheer rock ripe with mounts and climbing lines. So taking extra care and of course not exceeding limits we made our way up several vertical walls and all the way to the top of Doug, in a surprising forty-five minutes might I add. However we want to ascend and descend the large verticals, and so as we build our gear list from MEC we will progress up harder and harder faces. (and yes mom I will be careful) I will add several pictures of the trip to our weekly gallery, most of the photos show some faces that seem quite shallow, but trust me they are steep.

I believe I said a double header though, and that is only half of the story. For after returning from Mt Doug I accepted an invitation from my good friend Joe, who has sadly decided to move back home for the school year due to work (we miss you Joe), to go to the gym. (For the first time in almost four months) The real kicker, we decided to start or workout cycles on an arms day, and trust me I lost muscle mass since last winter. However I did complete and hour of workout, with a small ten minute, and much more boring then I remember treadmill run. But as always I no longer end my workouts there. Afterwards I wrapped my hands and set myself to a so-so bag training workout, my punches have lost some power, and due to my still tender back, (especially after the climb) my kicks were not what they could be. But I will say my endurance is still somewhat intact and my bare fists can still go awhile on the bag. First try I will say not bad. But I have to get back on top, and possibly find a good MMA trainer around here. I miss Grappling and ground impound. Was definitely in better shape before I stopped that.

Finally the weeks party details. It was the turn of a decade for my Best Friend Josh this week, the old man finally turned twenty and while I still have time I decided to rag on him quite a bit. However I expect that to come back in November so I didn’t get too irritating. I did however convince the poor guy to consume five pieces of cake though. And keep in mind that although that does not sound unattainable, this was after three beer and a massive Birthday Steak. Not to mention the of course promised drinking shenanigans that ensued afterwards. At our prodding, and the bet made of twenty-five dollars if he could manage it, Josh fought like a champ, to finally claim victory as the master of cake. However to say victory is strange, because in no world would I want to be him after he finished the fifth piece. The rest of the cake is still sitting in his fridge untouched. Needless to say, no one wants it now. But as I mentioned, ensuing shenanigans. This is of course referring to a fantastic game of Shuswap style sociable. Which included card stacks and rum shots, running half naked. and hiding from people that someone may have run into their car. (No damage was done, we checked) ((and the someone, will remain nameless)). The great part of this episode of awesome ended with a massive shotgun circle. Courtlin remains the champ, but I promise to train to beat him. Its not easy with a full sized steak burger in my belly and half a dozen other beers and my own two pieces of cake. The night ended perfectly and safely with Char and I taking the midnight bus home, which basically dropped us off right at home. The bad news: Burgers and BBQ Sauce was forgotten at Josh’s. Eventually recovered.

Well that covers the end of week thirteen. coincidently written halfway through week fourteen. It was jammed with the last death throes of summer, and we really did our best to make it a good last week. Now, school starts and the seriousness has begun. Wait… doesn’t Res have a lot of parties… oh well. Give a little get a little.

Thanks for the time and make sure you get out there and get your daily rush. Keep the blood flowing and the heart going.