Well I am now Sitting in my kitchen in week number twelve of our glorious escapade to Vancouver Island, and may I just add in that very first statement by no means did I misuse a capital letter in sitting. That happens to be a very important detail, and also something I will never again take for granted: That’s right, the ability to sit. It also holds the key to why this post is approximately three weeks overdue and honestly I must apologize for not being more committed during the last several weeks, but in all honesty I’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping, relaxing, or taking trips out of my own head as apposed to going to work, exercising, or enjoying my wonderful; new surroundings. So hopefully I have a proficient enough memory to update you on all the gritty details as to why this has taken so long, and thankfully due to my condition I did not miss much in those two weeks because frankly, not a lot happened. However with the recent recovery a lot more has happened in the past week and I will update it as well this coming Sunday when the week officially comes to a close.

So to make a long story much shorter then it could be, and knowing that there is indeed an even longer version then the long one. I am going to attempt to recount the important events over the past two weeks pertaining to a back injury I sustained at work on the 4th of August, a Saturday. The next morning I was feeling a little bit of a strain in my lower back but I was also dealing with a pulled left shoulder so at the time I thought nothing of it. To make things worse after a few days the pain in my shoulder went away while my back pain was still progressing, but due to the healing of my muscle that had just taken place I figured I had simply pulled another muscle in my back and that a few more days of work followed by two days of rest would fix me right up. I was wrong…. Those two days of relaxation did nothing and each morning as I woke up I felt a progressively worse sensation in my lower back. Still under the assumption that I had pulled a muscle I decided to take those two days off easy and try to rest, and although the pain did not really get worse it did not deteriorate or get any better. But my days off were then over and I had to be back at work, so for the second week while having an injured back, I returned to work executing lifts of those kayaks and paddleboards unaware that each passing day was in fact injuring me more greatly and that the strain I had my spine under was soon going to give. You can tell instinctively when you wake up that your body is either functioning correctly or not. Especially being human, we have the ability to vocally describe our situation and whether or not something is wrong. And when you are on a double dose of Ibuprofen and can get no relief from the pain you are in, something is definitely wrong.

I hit the wall on the fifteenth of August, a Wednesday. I woke up in such pain that I could not bend in the shower, and had to physically roll out of bed then crouch to get off the floor. Still, I am half of my father so I insisted that I was fine and got ready for work. However my inability to climb the two steps outside my front door to the road was enough for Charmaine to order me back inside and tell me I wasn’t going to work. At that point I was in too much pain to argue. So after calling my boss and letting him know I wasn’t going to make it to work I settled instead for a quick breakfast and a trip down the road to our local doctor. I must say that one amazing feature of Victoria is their walk-in clinics. I literally walked up to the glass, registered with the nurse and was taken straight into an examination room. No wait, at all. Empty at twelve O’clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday, fantastic. After a quick examination and an even quicker urine test. That’s right a working laboratory with no wait either, we “confirmed” that I had a massive muscle strain in my lower back and not a kidney issue. So with a prescription in hand it was off to the drug store for some mid level muscle relaxants. Needless to say that after two days of use, including the day I received the pain killers I was no longer screwing around. My back was messed up and the pain was now increasing exponentially. The relaxants, doing absolutely nothing and my mobility was seriously decreasing. So, on my final day off I decided to go see a chiropractor. It turns out… that I had two lumbar spinal disks misplaced, both on an angle leaning from my lower right side to my upper left shoulder. This caused the muscle groups in my lower back, which are quite major might I add, to reshape and stretch into this position which was causing me discomfort, and the more time I took waiting to have my spine corrected, the more adjusted the muscles were becoming which also meant that the recovery time it would take to return to its proper position was getting equally longer. So back on Ibuprofen and off the muscle relaxants I returned home, back freshly cracked and spine back where it should have been. I’ll admit I was feeling better. The next day I repeated the back alignment and again I felt better, I was getting back to normal and was thinking I was in the clear. All in time for Raffi to visit us two, as that day was only one afternoon away. Then came the day of paralysis.

I must also add as a small side note that prior to the first visit to the chiropractor on the seventeenth of August I visited Uvic on the sixteenth to register for my course and get assistance from a course advisor. You have no Idea the satisfaction I experienced when telling my advisor that I would have less of an issue registering then she anticipated because I was already a second year student, but to be honest, I was cutting the deadline rather close and I think next year now that I know what I’m doing I will be a little more prepared. However in under thirty minutes she had my entire year sorted out and had me fully equipped to take on the challenges of a big university. So I must say, Hats off to a Ms. or perhaps Mrs. Beth Christopher for helping both myself and Charmaine establish a fantastic timetable at both Camosun and Uvic. You truly are an amazing advisor and we could not have done it without you.

The 21st was the worst day in many ways, perhaps because I spent a lot of time waiting in a hospital waiting room behind people who had absolutely nothing wrong with them, or maybe because I was unable to be the host I wanted to be when Raffi arrived. But I think if I had to sum it p to one thing I would be completely selfish and admit it was the excruciating pain that surged through my entire body, with every step, flex, or movement, and I must again thank someone, My good buddy Joe, who I have only known for three months who helped drive me to the hospital. Because I know now I would not have made it there without him. After two hours waiting on my feet, and I mean this because I could not sit down at all, literally because If I did there was no guarantee that I would be able to get up again, but finally I made it into emergency and the doctor advised me to take some codeine based pain killers. Now those who know me well enough know I am allergic to the stuff, however he recommended a synthetic so no worries he knew what he was doing. It really was all he could do for me other then recommend I go and speak with my chiropractor again. He then offered to dose me up before I headed home and for some strange reason I declined. About two hours later I wish I hadn’t and I still don’t know why I did. Probably something to do with Charmaine’s theory that he wanted to see how baked I would be and that when I denied the doctor looked mighty disappointed. Regardless. The trip home after was a short bus ride followed by a three hundred metre at most walk through hell. Ever step was making my scream, and literally by the tie I was home I had cycled clean through a sailors curse book and was making up a few choice words of my own.

By that point in the day it was only noon and I was going nowhere from that point on. I just barely managed to use the bathroom and then set myself on my back on the couch with my Xbox and Charmaine left to fill my prescription and go find my chiropractor. She was gone what I consider and agonizing hour and when she got back the message was crystal clear. Off the couch and onto the floor with my back as straight as possible. It is a lucky thing we have a yoga mat, and due to the couches, way too many pillows. But with that combination of items, along with a hot pack and and Ice pack, I began to feel some relief. Some was not quite enough though, and that’s where the pain killers stepped in. I doubt that they really relieve pain in any way, but I will say this. You leave your own body for the duration of the drug, or at least, your conscious self becomes unattached, because for the next four hours I was a brain dead, stoned, and apparently hilarious ragdoll, with no recollection of pain. And while all that was taking place, Raffi arrived.

The good news is that from that point on it has been nothing but recovery for me. Ever day I feel stronger and every morning less pain remains. It is the thirtieth of August today and I began writing this yesterday, so the events of today will remain confidential until Sunday, but I can say I am on the threshold of one hundred percent once again. It took exactly two weeks from the time I was properly diagnosed and set on the path to recovery to final feel like I did before, and two weeks for the injury to take its full hold on me, but now I have it beat. One whole month of pain and mystery, now solved and dealt with, and might I say thank god it is over.

I would like to also add that Jason did visit us as well as Raffi but that visit ended this week so again the rest will be on Sunday. However I will say in terms of having fun with Raffi, things went pretty well even in my crippled state. We spent a good day playing video games while I recovered from the worst of my paralysis, and then the next morning on discovering that I was feeling much better we went, and against my Doctors’ wishes (our little secret) Longboarding for several hours. The first time on a board since April and it was absolutely amazing. In the space of that one afternoon I managed to stretch my back out properly and I believe it did nothing but help the healing process. On another note, in that same afternoon with almost zero effort, Charmaine and I convinced Raffi to move here to Vic and we are very excited for his arrival next spring.

The only thing to really focus on now is school in all its upcoming excitement. I was off work for several weeks but managed to claim compensation at least until I find less stressful work on my back, and the next goal on my list is to purchase my longboard, Which might I add was discovered in a shop only two blocks from my house. To the skate shop known as One Six. I am coming soon for my Demon Seed.

Anyways, as always…

Thanks for the time and make sure you get out there and get your daily rush. Keep the blood flowing and the heart going.