It is an unfortunate circumstance this 10th week in Victoria which has me writing so late, but as it happened this Sunday I had quite a full day that began at 3:30am. Therefore if I seem to be a bit inconsistent forgive me. I am extremely tired and the red bull I consumed nearly three hours ago has started to lose to affect. Therefore I apologize but I will probably only stick to the very key events this week and keep the content level low, for my own benefit as well as yours, because I know you do not want to listen to some unfiltered exhaustion fuelled garbage, and believe me if I allowed myself, I’m sure I could find plenty to go on about.

So, as I said I was awake at 3:30 this Sunday morning and I believe that it probably deserves some explanation as to why in the blazes I would push myself to be awake at that time, but trust me the reason is good, although the level of sanity it involves may not be. Recently, and by that I mean about a month and a half ago I took part in a triathlon as a certified lifeguard and an employee of West Coast Outdoor, we ran the water support for the Subaru Elk Lake triathlon. This means I was awake bright and early in order to ride around on our own Hobie kayaks and prevent swimmers from drowning or falling into any trouble. Although that event went fairly well despite beastly weather and screaming winds and whitecaps I was hesitant to volunteer for the Sooke triathlon based upon the distance at which I would have to travel, combined with the usual start time for most swim times during these events. I was informed I would have to be in Sooke by six am this morning, and so if you take the time to do the math, that is the equivalent to, one hour of driving before six am, so we are sitting at five am, followed by an hour first thing in the morning to prep for the triathlon, get ready to leave the house, and get ready for work at the same time as I was to be going there directly after the triathlon. This puts my start time first thing in the morning at four am, however, me being the event master had a hard time falling into a deep sleep and so around three thirty I was shaken awake by a small undetectable circumstance in my house. At this point I figured I might as well stay up and wait for my alarm, so that when that bell finally went off I could pounce on it like a tiger. It turns out I began to doze and so the alarm got the better of me in all its super loud obnoxious glory, bastard! Still, a commitment is a commitment and so I slowly hauled myself out of bed and headed out to Sooke for the day. The triathlon itself was quite uneventful and went off without a hitch, therefore I enjoyed the equivalent of a six am paddle around young lake for no true purpose, followed by a nine hour work day, (high five) which hit its high point around noon when a crazy family, all hopped up like rabbits turned what was a peaceful day into something out of a disaster movie. So there is my explanation of the three thirty start this morning, and the continued reason as to why I am as tired as I am, but I shall push forward with all my reserve strength till I collapse either in my bed or on my keyboard! HA!

The job hunt continues as it did before, but is now coupled with the impending start of the fall semester at Uvic. With myself finally registered I am in a scramble to get into my light course load before everything fills up, and I must say, being a second year student really has its advantages in that area as the pack has been thinned somewhat. Both the job and school process have been made a little simpler as well with the addition of Char and I’s new printer to our delightful little tech family. We found this little beast at London Drugs for a price most thieves would consider highway robbery and unsurprising of HP the setup was dead simple to add its powers to our network of devices. Question: does everything have Wifi now? I’m waiting for the box of Cheerio’s that you can command pour itself… Yum.

Speaking of Yum, Charmaine and I decided to do one thing together once a week that I think is not only a great display of compromise and passion, but also of our ability to combine our ideas and talents. Recently I posed the idea of one night a week where we cook together, the catch being we both go shopping together that day and pick one ingredient at random in the supermarket that is unusual in our diet. This week we choose to turn coconut into something delicious, and after adding some prime rib steak we were all set for an island style barbeque. I decided to take a spin-off of the usual garlic infused steak my father has become famous for and instead infused these bad boys with coconut slices, topped off by an all original secret homemade Islander BBQ sauce. I will hint that the addition of ghost chilli and coconut water was a definite must, and taking the fruit of the nut itself and grilling it right on the surface unwrapped and smothered in sauce using the natural cup shape of the slices. After topping the steaks with these grilled coconut slices we added a fresh coconuts and fresh raspberry garden salad. Dinner was incredible and has since solidified the idea of mystery night in our household. I personally cannot wait for the next secret ingredient. Some say there is such a thing as too much barbeque, and to those people say, pound sand. I`ve been grilling four to five nights a week since the acquisition of my B-cue and loving every moment of it.

In other news I recently attended an evening with friends at the peacocks billiard hall, also known as the Games room in the Strathcona hotel in downtown Vic. There really is nothing like sitting around a table for a few hours with three friends and shooting a few rounds of team pool, and as an added bonus we took Thaddeus with us and found an opportunity to promote him to a few individuals just one table across from our own. This little adventure ended after Joe and I lost our second game in a row off of a scratch on the eight ball and returned us to a large parking complex on Yates street, where we discovered we had no way of escape. Both or vehicles were gated inside the structure which would only take coinage, (although it advertised credit cards).  After contemplating smashing through the gate Courtlin and I decided on a more subtle approach and instead approached the night guard to the complex, who informed us of the small minute screw up mentioned above ^^. He was kind enough to understand our situation and let us out of the structure for free which was a very kind thing to do at twelve thirty at night and to which he received many thanks from the four of us.

Continuing with the games news, I’d like to mention the purchase I made to expand my Xbox game collection of Forza Motorsport for a cool twenty deer…. I mean bucks (the male kind made of paper). Anyways I am part way through this beyond epic driving simulator and must say that the increased difficulty is providing a nice challenge and is definitely worth picking up if you are contemplating good driving games. Keep in  mind though this is a simulator, not a sandbox racer so throttle and brake control is vital, and although driver assists can be set up to help you play the game by essentially driving the vehicle for you, that isn’t any fun, so I recommend taking the time if you decide on this purchase and learning the movements, weight, and reaction speed of the vehicle you ultimately choose to drive.

As I said I was going to keep this week rather short, and thankfully I am more then a little alleviated from that task by enjoying a rather uneventful weekend so far. I managed my goal of not falling asleep on my keyboard so I must give myself props, and perhaps a small air high five to the red bull that I am sure is sustaining my consciousness. I now plan to go crash face first into pillow heaven, so I am sorry if I left anyone craving more of my usual small details, but for now I am good and done. Perhaps I’ll add another unscheduled post some point mid week for week eleven just to compensate my lack of bread and butter this time. But for now I am out cold…. so….

Thanks for the time and make sure you get out there and get your daily rush. Keep the blood flowing and the heart going.